Gender man
Seeking woman
Age 22
City Sydney

Hey, I'm Josh, charmed to meet you. I may seem like just another 22-year-old from Western Sydney, but I've driven off an emu attack (I guess Australian wildlife really is deadly), I've taken 42 needles to the spine (for a lumbar puncture, I wasn't doing a really bad effort at shooting up, lol), and wrote a book-length memoir by the time I turned 18, in other words, I've lived quite a life. Just looking to reach out to someone and make a connection, before anything else. I mean, I'd love to have the fairy-tale ending: wedding, white picket fence, but I'm also just fine with making new friends.

I'll admit that I can have a dirty mind, but its all in good fun, and by no means am I only looking for a relationship driven by physical desire, I mean, that's all well and good, but there's something more too. I'm looking for the perfect personality, because I believe that looks fade, but personality's for life. Would love to find someone who genuinely cares, such people can be so hard to find in this world. I believe that I'm one of the good ones, though, I love to help others. I've had more than my share of bad luck, but I keep going, though I would appreciate if someone could do some sort of ritual to give me better luck, whether it be unicorn gold, voodoo related, or something else altogether, lol. Ultimately, I want to find someone who will love me and take me for me, as I would them.

I'm legally blind, and that's something I've struggled with over the years (I've had difficulty making friends or other relationhips because of it, too many people just judged me, but I know you're not like that), and I'm not going to let that stop me, because when it comes to looking for love, I'm always seeing in 20/20.